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Is This The Most Stunning Horse In The World?

Horses are majestic fucking beasts and in my head there’s a beautiful image of them running across a beach with a wave about to crash at their feet. But now I’ll have to fix that little image with a beautiful addition that is this glorious blonde horse that looks like gold and sunshine with hooves!


These incredible animals are called Akhal-Teke horses and are native to Turkmenistan. We know what you’re thinking: Akhal-Teke? That sounds like a mythical steed from the Lord of the Rings. Although the comparison holds, we can assure you these sleek, metallic-looking animals are entirely real.


While Akhal-Teke horses are something of a national treasure in Turkmenistan, they are revered throughout Asia as well. Nicknamed “golden horses” or “horses from heaven” in China, they were originally bred to survive in extreme weather conditions and are known for their intelligence, endurance, and speed. Still, the most striking thing about them is their lustrous coats which seem to reflect the light.