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A Terrifying Ski Trip With A Snow Leopard Staring At The Skiers.

These guys have some guts to stand there and take pictures.

You know, snow leopards are dangerous and ferocious creatures that are found usually in central and southern Asia. They’re smaller than other cats, but dangerous because of their fangs, speed, climbing abilities and natural camouflage.

This particular snow leopard was spotted recently in Gulmarg, Kashmir, by a group of five skiers.


One of the guys had a GoPro, because of which, they were able to record the entire scene and luckily he was warned about the snow leopard before approaching.

The skiers suddenly stopped and one of them started to take pictures, do you see a snow leopard there?


Neither did I, because of their natural camouflage, it is pretty hard to spot them.

You can hear the man say in the video, ‘He’s got an eye on us,’ which is scary since who would expect to see a snow leopard on a skiing trip.

Everybody just stopped and looked at it, waiting to see what would happen next.

After a while, the leopard ran into the forest, nearly colliding with another skier.

It sounds like a thrill, but also terrifying. I know for a fact that I would totally freak out, would you?

After a few second standoff, the snow leopard began to move.


Watch the video of the skiing journey here.