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Tragic Moment A Rhino Calf Tries To Suckle From Dead Mother Killed By Poachers

A heartbreaking moment was caught in a camera, where a calf trying to suckle milk from her dead mother. Unfortunately, the older rhino was put into demise after being hacked off by poachers.

The video was captured at a national park located in South Africa. It shows a younger rhino desperately trying to feed on its dead parent. The latter can be seen lying unresponsively. This is reportedly the 11th killing at the said site, and it all happened in just four weeks.

The young rhino can be seen suckling her dead mother for milk.

In the footage, the voice of helicopter pilot Nico Jacobs can be heard. He is basically describing the scene before him.

He clamors:

“What a tragic scene of a poached mother and her little baby heifer calf trying desperately to suckle milk, with no response from her mother.”

Jacob continues:

“I can’t understand this it’s absolutely horrific to see, to see how it’s trying to suckle some milk.”

This is believed to be the 11th killing at the national park in South Africa.

The youngster – which is said to be a month-old only – can also be heard calling for its mother. It even tries to nudge her mother’s head, believing the latter is still alive.

Most of the poachers are interested in rhinos that have horns, they also tend to shoot youngsters. They either kill or paralyze them, though the former usually happens as they disturb the process. Dubbed as Lottie, the calf fortunately survived.

According to the experts Lottie has now developed a fear towards humans. And in order to keep her safe, she had to be blindfolded and sedated while she was taken into the back of an SUV by Rhino 911.

Authorities, however, chose to keep the location of the attack a secret to discourage poachers. Once sold to the black market, a poacher can earn up to £10,000 a horn. Some say that the rates tend to go higher, with values rising to hundreds of thousands.

The horrific moment of a calf suckling her dead mother was caught on tape.

Jacobs of the charity Rhino 911 was quoted saying,

“We had a call from the head of some of the rhinos in the park who quite by coincidence spotted this calf walking alone and dehydrated.”

The mother rhino was found dead in the ravine, with both of her horns hacked off. The baby, on the other hand, is already under the custody of a veterinarian.

The said charity revealed that nearly 3 to 5 rhinos a day are dying at the hands of poachers. And that if this rate continues, all of these creatures will become extinct in no time.

Watch the heartbreaking footage below:






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