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Vegan Dog Owner Got Totally Owned On Tumblr For Feeding Her Dog A Meatless Diet.


Vegans are great, I mean, you’re free to follow any lifestyle you like and nobody can question you. What I don’t like about vegans is their holier than thou attitude, which makes me sick! If you’re a vegan, great, but don’t think I’m evil because I eat fish and chicken. Human biology allows us to be Vegan, where as a dog biology is completely different. Vegans force their lifestyle on pets who are carnivorous by nature, and that is too damn sick!

Like this one person who posted a sad looking picture of her dog on Tumblr, boasting about how happy they are to eat the vegan meal.


Finally someone laid down some biology expertise, breaking down everything wrong with this dog’s “healthy” meal.


Another commenter tried providing unreliable experience about vegan and vegetarian dogs enjoying healthy lifestyles, but got shut down thoroughly as well.


Sure dogs do eat things other than meat, but carnivorous diets are also important for dogs.


Dear vegans, please stand by your principle and do not harm your sweet little pets.