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Woman Noticed Strange-Looking Creature. When She Looked Closer, She Noticed Something Not Right

This little chap got himself into a prickly pickle! Thanks to an observant lady’s help, he was able to be extricated from the pretty painful experience.

85-year-old, Gwen Maxwell, was on her way out when she noticed some sort of baby puppy crossing the road nearby her home. She also happened to notice something wasn’t quite right.

When she went closer to it, the “puppy” was covered in cacti. She could not see its head or face, so she was still not sure if it was a pup after all!

This is what Gwen saw cross the road

The poor thing collapsed in pain

It was hampered by 7 clumps of cholla cactus that stuck into its legs, face, and shoulders

Immediately, Gwen rushed for help, but suddenly the poor thing collapsed. “He’d get up and tumble around with all those chollas on him, and it was just so heart-breaking,” she said. Upon closer examination, it was revealed to be a baby coyote. The mother was waiting and watching anxiously nearby. “She kept coming back and holding a vigil in my backyard,” said Gwen.

Coyote’s mother waits nearby

From a nearby golf course, two men arrived at the scene to provide assistance. Wearing thick gloves and using a pair of pliers, they managed to cut free the baby coyote from its prickly prison of thorns.

The little pup was a little bloody and bruised, but was brave and “amazingly cool” during and throughout the whole ordeal. He was a perfect patient. Once freed from a horrible experience, he was as happy as can be.

After clicking some photos, the men set the coyote pup on the ground, and everyone watched as he ran straight home to his mother. As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared again into the bush.






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