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10 Goofy Images Right From The Airport That Will Make You Laugh Harder

Airport is not a fun place to hang out, it’s always annoying lines, grumpy security, and less than comfortable waiting areas. In boring situations like there, some funny moments would definitely be welcome, so, here we’ve listed down some funny images right from the airport.

1. Lol! Touchy, Touchy

Touching someone without their consent is not permitted but when it comes to airport security then it simply is a part of their job.

2. A Hefty Barrier

There are few airports located in remote areas, so such unusual visitors often appear there.

3. Jailbird Mama

The man and kids are waiting for their mom who is returning from jail. I must say they all deserve a gold medal for making such creative welcome signs.

4. Nope! There’s No Dog Here

This one is from Denver International Airport, possibly the dog is waiting for another dog to accompany him or maybe her.

5. Just Lending A Hand

People do different things for passing their time on the airport, but these two brothers have the best way to keep engaged themselves. Lol!

6. They Flock Together

You’ll be amazed to see these falcons in a flight, but some airlines in the middle east, actually allow six Falcons to be brought on board.

7. Model Andress Urach At The Airport

I must say this is one of the goofiest images here. It was not less than a treat for other travelers when they saw her there. But it was not only her appearance that got attention but something more than that. Lol! Hope you got my point.

8. Be Mindful of Kissing

This sign is placed at the drop-off of Aalborg airport in Denmark. So, according to this goofy sign be mindful whiling kissing on an airport.

9. Overstuffed Baggage

Don’t worry it is not real but an installation of art by artist Brian Goggin.

10. Plane Crossing

We all are aware of the concept of zebra crossing but what do you think about a plane crossing?






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