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Crime Reporter Looks Like Mugshot Of A Convicted Thug

This scene can be relatable to a movie scene where a crime show host is live on television, reporting about the conviction of a criminal and the image of the criminal looks shockingly similar to the crime show host.

Jason Mohammad, one of the hosts of the BBC crime show “Crimewatch”, was reporting an update together with fellow presenter Sophie Raworth.

The crime hosts were talking about Viktor Lakatos, a Slovak who was convicted for brutally attacking a frail pensioner named Colin Butlin using brass knuckles.

When the criminal picture is flashed on the screen it’s unbelievable, he almost has a striking resemblance to Mohammad. People can mistake themselves as twins.

Unsurprisingly, the uncanny resemblance did not go unnoticed in social media.

Twitter was quick to pick on it, with Cornish police officer PC Alice Nicholas tweeting: ‘That awkward moment… #Crimewatch.’

As for Mohammad, he’s well aware of the stir that the picture has caused.

Watch the video below:

Photo: Elitereaders