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Flower Girl’s Dance At A Wedding Reception will blow your mind!

The dancing at a wedding is always the part that brings the freaks out. And this little freak is really the best kind of fun lover I love!

Usually, there’s always one ham in the crowd, someone who craves all the attention — like this adorably hilarious flower girl.

The super cute video below has been shared nearly one million times; when you press ‘play,’ you’ll know why. Justin Bieber plays over the speakers, and the little girl can’t help herself — she just has to dance! First, she begins trotting around the entire dance floor doing a lasso motion. She must have had a piece of wedding cake because her energy seems like it’s from a sugar high.

One of the wedding guests attempts to join the flower girl with some dance moves, but she just isn’t having it. She’s the star of this show, and she wants to fly solo. The entire wedding party and the guests can’t help but crack up at the funny little girl’s energetic moves. After realizing that he can’t keep up with the flower girl’s quick feet, he steps aside and lets her have the dance floor.

When the song ends, you’d think she’d be tuckered out. But then “Gangnam Style” comes over the speakers, and it’s obvious that the little girl was just getting started.

Unbelievably, the sassy flower girl becomes even more energized and breaks out in the official “Gangnam Style” dance made famous by the song’s singer Psy. Much like riding a horse, the little girl “holds on to the reins” as her little feet stomp from side to side. Soon, the lasso move comes back out and everyone in the room erupts in laughter.

The wedding guest who had attempted to dance with her earlier decides to try and give it another shot. He walks onto the dance floor and joins the little girl in the “Gangnam Style” dance. But once again, he realizes that he’s no match for her and bows out once more.

She starts dancing so hard, and with such passion, that her little pink bow comes undone.






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