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This Guy Ate His Tooth And The Story Behind It Is Frikking Crazy

Darren Orf from Gizmoid had a weird tooth condition that gave him troubles throught his life. And on day that wasn’t supposed to happen he ate his tooth and according to him that was not the worst part. Read on to know about his hilarious story about the tooth he swallowed and probably unnecessary details of his gross tooth condition (which is also sad).

[This is the most Homeric story that’s ever unfolded in my life, that until now, has only been shared as an epic oral history. Every site I’ve ever worked for has asked me to commit it to paper, er, blog, and I’ve consistently resisted.


But seeing as a new chapter of Gawker Media and Gizmodo is quickly approaching, and Gizmodo has meant so much to me over the last two years, I thought I’d finally chronicle the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done in my life. My abasement for your amusement.]

Before I can get to the life-changing drama that unfolded in the year 2010, I actually have to sojourn more than two decades previous—when I was six years old.

In 1994, I had an incredibly high fever. The only thing I actually remember from that illness is sweating profusely on my family’s faded blue living room couch, and that my Grandma bought me a Transformer (Ratchet, I think) to help me feel better or possibly to keep me company in the afterlife. It all depended on the fever, really.