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This Hilarious Conversation Between An Indian Guy And A British Woman Is Breaking The Internet

This hilarious cringe-worthy text thread shared between an Indian Guy and a British woman, who claimed that he is madly in love with the British woman and asked her for money. The Indian guy was willing to go to any extent for money. He was willing to go to Britain if she transferred $500 to his account. Now, blame it on the boredom of that lady or the double meaning name of that guy, this British lady trolled him so hilariously, that people are sharing her screenshots all over the world.

Here’s the exclusive hilarious conversation that went wrong and will make you cringe hard with laughter between an Indian guy and a British Woman!

1. So the conversation began with the lady looking not at all interested. 

2. Indian guy does not understand a thing and keeps insisting and texting.

3. The British lady trolls him hard for using his poor English as a weapon.

4. But the guy seems to be in a hurry to getting laid and admits that he wants to get physical.

5. The guy has bigger intentions.

6. But the lady wins every time with her witty humor and imagination.

7. But oh, wait, what the heck is ‘bobs’? 

8. Obviously, it was difficult for her to find ‘bobs’.

9. But the lady had to be evil and humorous, hence, the new vocabulary. 

10. Haha, he needed a lesson, and the lady is giving it to him.

11. Hilarious! 






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