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Howie Mandel Is High As A Kite After Endoscopy And His Son Posts Hilarious Revenge On YouTube

Alex Mandel is a popular YouTube vlogger whose dad happens to be a famous comedian Howie Mandel. In 2012, Howie secretly filmed Alex after he woke up from his endoscopy and posted his son’s drug-induced haze for all to see.

Three years later, Alex finally got his dad back.

The hilarious clip below shows Howie, still loopy from the anesthesia and lying in bed after the medical procedure with an oxygen tube in his nose.

He talks about everything from ovulation to talking squirrels, but it doesn’t seem like he recognizes his own son.

At one point, he looks over at Alex and says how amazing his kids are, but quickly mentions Alex’s wretched streak with women.

‘No,I’m so proud of my son,” he says. “He makes money, but that’s not why he does it. He does it for the love, he’s got all these fans.”

“Thank you Dad,” Alex says before turning to the nurse. “He should be under more often!”

Watch the video below:

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