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The Perfect Way To Answer Exam Questions When You Have No Idea What The Answer Is

Sometimes during our exam time, we had no idea how to solve the particular question. We stare at the question, thinking that we have never seen before, then you’re left with two options: give up or be witty. These images will show you how to navigate any test without ever giving up.

You might not know all the answers, but you can always kill them with kindness. It looks like that tactic worked for this kid! Maybe try getting better at drawing.

Or maybe what you need is to protect your grade from being marked down. Be ready to defend your score with your sharpest pencil!

Still confused? Try taking the question more literally. It may not be the answer the teacher is looking for, but hey, it’s an answer.

If one subject isn’t your strong point, try approaching the question from a different angle. Use logic and reasoning to get through your test.

Common sense always beats technical knowledge. After all, you followed the instructions and gave a possible explanation for the problem.

Some people bring faith into the equation. When you are caught up in a tricky question, try looking to a higher power for help.

People often overthink scenarios without considering the basics.

If you are passionate about the material being discussed, make sure to speak up about your beliefs. This kid stood up for the short giraffe when no one else would.

Knowing how to draw is essential. After all, diagrams are just a type of illustration.

Always trust your instincts. Remember, the simplest explanation is often the correct one.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t forget to label each part of your image to avoid confusion.

Try to think about the words themselves, instead of getting caught up in what they represent. Keep it simple.

Know which rules will help your case. Sometimes a little creativity can help you find an answer.

Always remember, variables are your friend. Never let the appearance of a question scare you away.

Sometimes you will have to admit defeat. That’s okay, you can’t be expected to solve all the world’s problems.

Plants need sunlight to make energy, so without a window the plant would basically starve to death in prison.

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