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Would-Be Thieves Can’t Muster Strong Enough Kick

Cafe owners have released CCTV footage of the moment unfortunate thieves smashed their way in through a glass door, only to leave empty-handed a couple of minutes later.

The clumsy thieves soon discovered that while glass doors shatter like in the movies, breaking down a regular door with a kung-fu kick or a shoulder barge isn’t so easy.

On Wednesday, Jan. 31, the angry Scottish cafe owners posted the hysterical video, eager to track down the “three hooded scumbags.”

The cafe is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Once the three men are inside, they can be seen heading for the office, where they encounter the door—an obstacle that they appear ill-equipped physically or mentally to overcome.

“They knew where the office was so they’ve been in before,” wrote the owners of Tartine Cafe, on Facebook. “I’m thinking 17/18 year old and definitely at the amateur end of the criminal spectrum.”’

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