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Winner Of The Voice AU Finals Is A Nip Slip

The Voice Australia 2016 had a winner on Sunday but it something else that got the spotlight.

Natasha Lockhart was one of the finalist of the show but due to an accident she became the highlight even though she wasn’t declared as the winner.

This was all due to her accidental nip slip.

When asked about the experience on the show and having Ronan Keating as mentor, Natasha looked amusingly unaware of the accident with her dress.

This happened when she lifted her left arm to put it around Keating and her breast popped out while she wasn’t aware of it.

Since then the socio-world has made a huge mention of it making it the highlight of the finale.


Even Lockhart made fun of herself, which is quite refreshing as it only a body part that slipped out.

She spoke regarding this on The Kyle and Jackie O Show:

To be honest, I felt a slight breeze when I reached out to touch Ronan.

I gave him a hug, then I kind of forgot about it. At the end of the show, people ran up to me.

They told me that it happened and I just cracked up laughing. It’s an accident, this stuff happens.

I think it’s funny. I’ve gone up 12,000 Instagram followers since that nip slip.

Who can make fun of her when she’s doing a great job already?



HAHA im just going to leave this here 😂 and Just for the record guys, I will be posting a video on my Facebook tonight- search Tash Lockhart and follow for video update on The nip slip. I personally find the entire thing hilarious

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If anyone ever has a nip slip on TV it’s better to take inspiration from Natasha about handling the situation, don’t you think?