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20 Dares You Can Ask Your Friend To Do While Playing Truth And Dare

Truth and dare is considered as one of the best games ever made. It’s not only a fun game but you also get to know how daring a person is. And not to forget the truth that’s revealed. This game is worth playing because of the dares. You can literally give people any kind of dares and people do them for the sake of winning. It’s always best to play this game with a friend or number of friends. And the more innovative a dare, the better the game gets.

Here are 20 dares you can ask your friend to do while playing the game of truth and dare!

1. Let’s start with one of the easiest dares. While playing, if he/she chooses a dare, ask them to show how they flirt.

2. If you don’t really feel like daring him/her with something physical, here is a thing. Ask them to post an old photograph of them with a catchy caption on all their social media accounts.

3. How about daring your friend to call their crush and sing a love song? The game of truth and dare might do good to him.

4. Now, truth and dare with friends will never be complete without snacks. So, ask them to eat the snacks without using their hands.

5. You can dare a girl for this. They love doing makeup, right? So what would happen if you ask them to do a makeup without a mirror?

6. If you really want a long lasting dare, how about a self-haircut?

7. Now, this will be risky so make sure nothing goes wrong. Dare him/her to ask for a condom from the neighbor. 

8. A random text to anyone confessing you are hiding a secret about them.

9. Asking for a cup of sugar from the person next door is one of the easiest dares possible. But doing the same thing in Bollywood style is no way easy.

10. Have an enemy or want to take some sort of revenge? How about a lap dance to anyone who is playing the game?

11. This one is fun. The one who gets a dare will hand his/her phone to one of the playing members and that person can send any text to anyone.

12. Dare your friend to exchange his/her clothes with the other gender. 

13. The Superman of all dares. Ask the person who chooses dare to wear their underpants over their trousers.

14. It’s easy to say the alphabets in the right order but saying it in reverse is not possible. it will be fun watching a friend try this.

15. One of the biggest dares you can give them is to get the personal number of a customer care executive. People would love playing with you.

16. An easy dare, dancing sans any music.

17. This one will spice up your game of truth and dare. Whoever chooses a dare, ask him/her to wear socks their hands, pants instead of a shirt and vice versa.

18. Take things to next level. Dare them to take a dip or a shower with clothes on.

19. One of the hardest dares which a friend can get is to wrap himself/herself like a gift wrapper.

20. Let the whole world know that you were playing truth and dare. Make the person upload a song on youtube which is sung by them on the spot.





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