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LEGO Tape Is Every Building Block Lover’s Dream.

Nimuno has invented the first ever LEGO tape that’s compatible with all of your favorite building pieces. They’re called Nimuno Loops and they’re changing the way we play with LEGOs.

With this new LEGO tape, people will be able to stick their bricks anywhere! It can be cut to any size and is so flexible. It can be cut, applied, and reapplied in various ways! This allows anyone to creating LEGO building areas anywhere.

They claim to “see the creative potential it offers people young and old.”

They originally targeted to raise $8,000 but exceeded their goal and raised over $375,000!

The tape is also shockingly cheap for the consumer. Two rolls will only cost $11 USD and $50 if you buy 10.

To see the awesome Nimuno Loops in action, watch the video below: