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18th Human Feet Just Washed Up On Beaches On The Canadian-American Border On December

One the scariest unsolved cases that seems to be ongoing just added so more sadness to 2017 after the 18th human feet washed up on the shores of Canadian American border.

The first one was made discovered in, which compromised of a skeletal human foot inside a sneaker with part of the leg still attached, was made by a man who was walking his dog on a beach on Vancouver Island.

Alarmingly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. In fact, it has become so regular that locals in the area now expect to find human feet as they walk along the shore. While most of us may search for seashells, those living near the Salish Sea morbidly look out for human remains – the latter of which would not look very pretty on the mantelpiece.

Of the 18 discoveries, 13 were made across British Columbia, Canada; the remaining five were found across shorelines in Washington, US.

The first freaky find was made in 2007 when a girl visiting Jedediah Island stumbled upon a size 12 Adidas trainer. Clueless to what she’d inadvertently found, she opened the shoe, to find a man’s foot within. After heavy investigations, it was determined that the trainer, which was produced in 2003, belonged to a missing man who’d been suffering from depression.

The next foot was found a mere six days later on nearby Gabriola Island by an unassuming couple enjoying a stroll. The foot was waterlogged and appeared to have been taken ashore by an animal, after having separated from its body due to decay. This time the foot was found inside a size 12 Reebok trainer, manufactured in 2004 and since discontinued.

In 2010, two more feet washed up in Washington. Tragically, these two feet appeared to belong to children. The first is thought to have been in the water for two months, while the second, which was found a few months later, could not be determined.

In 2011, a further two feet made their way to the shore, one in Sasamat Lake, Canada and one in Seattle. The first was identified as that of a fisherman who’d gone missing in 1987 and the second, which was found in a black plastic bag, is yet to be identified.

The following year, one foot was found and the year after that no foot appeared. But, before locals and the police could hope that the curse of the floating foot was over, another surfaced in 2014.

The foot was found inside a size 10½ New Balance trainer floating through Seattle. In 2015, no feet were found, but to make up for it, two floated to the shore in 2016 – although it is believed that these two feet came from the same body.

Everything had gone relatively quiet on the mystery, until December 8, 2017 when an 18th foot materialized on Vancouver Island.






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