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Couple’s Medical Insurance Revoked After They Were Caught Doing This On Hospital Bed


Isn’t it bad enough to be stuck in a hospital for something wrong that happened to your body but using the bed you were given to rest on to do very vulgar things?

Apparently, the couple did something so horrible at the hospital.

Basically, their Snapchat stories revealed they were having sex at the hospital.

After all, the hospital bed isn’t exactly meant for two people to get it on.

Insurance companies really don’t like seeing things like this.

These companies have the responsibility to pay for medical expenses, but there are good reasons to reject them too. A couple having sex on a hospital bed seems like a sufficient reason.

In addition, why would anyone post something like this on Snapchat?

If they were looking for trouble, then they surely got them.

Snapchat has been used by a lot of people for sexual purposes.

There are tons of pictures of men trying to attract both men and women.

Many people become popular because of their pictures on Snapchat.

t isn’t difficult to spot attractive people calmly taking their clothes off on Snapchat.

However, naughty Snapchat images should not be published publicly.

This is why people have the option to send private pictures.

And if you are at the hospital, please don’t have sex.

Don’t even think of doing this while there are other patients inside the same room.





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