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Driver bangs into car in front of him and says “So What”

Shocking footage shows the driver of a Citroen ramming a parked car as he attempts to squeeze into a disabled parking bay.
Witnesses said the driver then said ‘so what’ when he was confronted over the botched parking attempt. The incident was caught on CCTV by Bank Street News, next door to the Lloyds Bank on Bank Street, Hythe, Kent, at 2pm on Wednesday. Unfortunately for Sammie Hambrook, it was his car that was forced to reverse by the brazen driver.

Mr Hambrook said: ‘I didn’t notice my car had been hit until a lady in the wheelchair told me the man had hit my car and pushed it back. ‘She had said to the driver “You’ve just hit that car’ and his answer to that was ‘So what?”’


Mr Hambrook confirmed that while his car was not seriously damaged, some paint had been taken off the front. ‘I did actually put a note on the driver’s window screen kindly asking him to call me but he didn’t ring,’ he said. It is still not known who the driver is or whether he is in fact disabled.






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