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Racist White Girl Calls A Black Man The N-Word And Spits On Him

Ernest and Cassie Crim, a couple who are also high school teachers, were looking forward to Chicago’s Margarita Festival being held at the end of July for months. But their day became a nightmare when a woman attacked them verbally and even spat on them.

This all went down when the black couple were next in line for a game of cornhole, a game where players aim beanbags at a target on a game board, when it happened.  When they went to go pick up a stay beanbag near another group of players, a woman there immediately started yelling obscenities at them.

Cassie Crims who clearly distressed about the abuse said:

“I was humiliated after that.  We had a lot to think about. We’re educators. We’re black. We had too much going for ourselves to stoop to that level.”

They say that this event add to the rising trend of racial discrimination and hate that has been going on lately.  In Chicago alone, racial hate crimes have gone from 13% to 24%, almost doubling between 2010 and 2014.

Ernest Crim, who uploaded the video, had this to say

“I feel like the history and the climate of this country had already nurtured the [anti-black] mentality that she had.

In this day and age, I just wanted to get her on camera so I can expose how ignorant she is and was.”

When will racism cease to exist we wonder.