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A Rugby Team Crashed Into The Mountains. What They Had To Do To Survive Will Give You Shivers!

Cannibalism is generally taboo and against the law in most modern and western countries. But when it comes to survival would you eat your won best friend? That’s the story of a rugby team from Uruguay, Old Christians,that had to do to the same to survive!

The survival instinct is something that never ceases to amaze us. Sometimes, when it seems that all hope is lost, people manage to find an inner strength that helps them to overcome an extreme situation. That is exactly what happened to Carlos Páez. In 1972 he experienced something that will haunt him for the rest of his days.

In October of that year, a rugby team from Uruguay flew over the Andes mountain range on their way to Chile to play a game. Among the members of the Old Christians (the team’s name) was Carlos. While over the mountains they experienced some turbulence and the young men joked about the plane crashing. But their laughter didn’t last long.

The plane continued to shake violently and the situation became very serious. The pilot fought against the weather but the plane was losing altitude steadily. The passengers looked out the window in horror as they watched the wing coming ever closer to the mountainside. Soon panic set in.

The pilot was facing an extreme situation: after clearing a bank of fog he saw the plane heading straight for a peak. He avoided the frontal collision, which would have been fatal. But while rounding the peak, one of the wings and part of the tail section struck the mountain and were torn off.