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WTF moments caught on Google street view

How many times have we caught someone doing something really inappropriate on the street? Something which is really uncalled for! I can bet we all have come across this at least once.

What do people actually do at that point? Run? Ignore? These people got themselves on a similar encounter and what they did is to click a picture of these people.

Take a look:

#1. Posing for pictures in an odd position in the middle of the street!

#2. Isn’t it too much to roam on the streets in a bikini?

#3. Let me guess! This guy is going for a fancy-dress competition! 

#4. What on earth is this?

#5. Who let the birds out? That too way too big for their size.

#6. Zombies out on the street! People, why are you even doing this?

#7. Winter Is Coming! 

#8. Red alert!

#9. What’s that car looking for there?

#10. Dogs are the best friend a man can have! He took it way too seriously!

Photo: noonecares





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