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10 Things You Can Legally Do If You Visit The Right Country

We all hate to follow rules. Rules are somehow restrictive which is understandable because they exist to keep things in control and make us safe.

However, this following set of laws from different countries got us scratching our heads. In a conventional society, some of these rules could actually get you arrested!

Take for example, stealing an artwork. In the Netherlands, if you stole an artwork, you can legally sell it as your own, but there’s a catch! You need to wait for twenty years after your art heist. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, you can get away with murdering your cheating husband- with your bare hands! We’re quite sure with the right knowledge of jujitsu and choke points, it is actually possible.

In other countries, you might get arrested if you flaunt your birthday suit in public, but, in Spain you won’t. In fact, it is considered as your human right. In South Africa, you can legally carry a flamethrower on the sides of your car which may blast five meters of fire on both sides of your vehicle.

Some of these laws might sound a bit too silly and unbelievable, but believe us they do exist!

Do you want to claim to be from the lineage of dragons? Better register with the Russian consensus. You can even identify yourself with elves, hobbits, and Martians; it’s perfectly okay. Sick and tired of your own species? Then travel to India and get married to your dog. In fact, you can legally get married to any kind of animal.

In many parts of the world, parents have different ways of raising their children, and we can’t argue with that. But somehow, there are some laws that may raise the eyebrows of other parents.

Leaving your kids alone at home without any guardians or adults with them would likely get you arrested in the US or UK. But in Russia, they have no problem with that. Due to overpopulation in China, parents would not get arrested for letting their kids pee in public.

In the United States, it is no longer shocking to their citizens that owning a gun is legal. However, people from other countries with stricter gun law would likely be surprised to learn you could own a mini-gun for home protection. Likewise, you could use a tank for your everyday commute in England. You just need a proper driver’s license, disable the weapons, and have rubber tracks on the wheels as to not damage the road.






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