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20 Shocking Deaths Caused By Social Media

Some people in social media take their stupidity to the next level. Although in social media we all had our fair share of mishaps, like a hideous tagged photo or a pointless rant post, we have the privilege to delete our mistake, or even our account, to have a do-over.

However, sometimes some mistakes on social media can actually be fatal. Apparently, on Facebook or Twitter, we cannot be protected by firewalls or antivirus software if we come across a creepy serial killer or a deranged murderer.

These cases of social networking-turned-deadly actually happened in real life. It proves that there is no such thing as being 100% safe behind the keyboard.

1. Man kills ex-wife due to her Facebook posts

Lisa kept ranting on her Facebook about her ex-husband Adam’s child support payments. Rather than blocking her, Adam beat her with a hammer before slashing her neck one evening.

2. Woman seduces teenage boys with ‘fake profiles’

28 year-old Natalia Burgess had a sick ploy of making fake Facebook and Bebo profiles. Posing as different attractive teenage girls, she seduced teenage schoolboys and gets them into an online relationship. After the relationship bloomed, she then ‘kills’ the fictitious girls in tragic accidents or suicides on Facebook. Although no one actually died, you could imagine the horror and trauma the fake boyfriends had because of Natalia’s sick mind games.

3. Man killed for ‘poking’ friend’s girlfiend

Scott Humphrey killed his friend, Richard Rovetto by repeatedly punching him. The reason? Richard unknowingly ‘poked’ Scott’s girlfriend on Facebook. Quite frankly, this poke button is useless and should be removed from Facebook – not to mention deadly.

4. Ex-wife murdered for changing status from “Single” to “In a Relationship”

Most girls often do this as a rebellion against their boyfriends or husbands whenever they have a petty fight, change their status from “In a Relationship” to “Single.” Sarah didn’t know, though, that her life was the price. Her ex-husband (take note of the word ‘ex’) Edward Richardson stabbed her to death over her change of status before killing himself.

5. Rapper brings his ‘murderous’ lyrics to life

Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III was a self-styled ‘Horrorscope’ rapper. He joined MySpace to promote his music under the name ‘Syko Sam. The creepy part was the lyrics from his raps were describing a hideous crime.

Here are some of his sample lyrics:

Blood, death murder, and rape

I like to mutilate and take em back to my place
Kill and slash, yeah, I’m coming for your ass
I’m a cannibal, use your body as food
Yeah you’re gonna die and your body will decay
As I leave you dying in this dark alleyway

After some time, he was charged with the murder of his girlfriend Emma Neiderbrock (16), her best friend Melanie Wells (18), and her parents Pastor Mark Neiderbrock and Dr. Debra Kelley. They have been bludgeoned to death with a hammer while they slept.

It was unclear if the lyrics from his rap inspired ‘Syko Sam or it was vice versa. Anyway, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

6. Teen shoots dad for grounding him on MySpace

In this digital era, kids are no longer punished by not letting them out of their room, but by not letting them log in their social media accounts. Most kids would just lament or try to sneak logging in on their accounts, but not Hughstan Schlicker.

Schlicker was only 15 years old when he shot and killed his dad with a 12-gauge shotgun just because he did not allow him to log into his MySpace account.

7. High-speed car chase caused by Facebook love triangle.

The two girls fought on Facebook for months over a guy who had been in jail for over a year. One day, they took the fight to the next level when Torrie saw Danielle driving with a friend. Torrie pursued the car which crashed into a truck killing Danielle’s friend.

8. Teenage love triangle turns deadly over MySpace photos

It’s common for us to post pictures of our new boo to show everyone on our friends’ list that we have moved on. We all think it’s safe and acceptable; until Rachel Wade was stabbed on the chest with a kitchen knife by Sarah Ludemann, all because she uploaded her photos with her new boyfriend Josh, Sarah’s ex.

9. Facebook ‘Death List’ kills off teens

This story is a bit creepy and remains unsolved until this day. Three Colombian teens were shot to death for no apparent reason. Five days later, the names of the victims showed up on a mysterious Facebook ‘death list.’ Three days later, another teenager on the list was killed. It led to a campaign for the families of the kids on the list to flee town. After they were all gone, the killings stopped.

10. Man tweets about his friend’s murder

Here is another case of love triangle turned ugly, but this time it’s on Twitter. BFFs Jameg Blake and Kwame Dancy had exchanged banters on Twitter for days because of a woman. One day, after a heated tweet exchange, Jameg shot and killed his former BFF with a shotgun in the neck, afterwards tweeting, “R.I.P. Kwame.”

11. Girlfriend killed over MySpace comment

Who gets killed over comments? Mikarah “Tinky” Sanders did. Her boyfriend, Matthew Dubois got jealous over another boy who commented on Tinky’s MySpace page. In the eve of New Year, he then went over to his girlfriend’s house and shot her face with a .547 handgun. It wasn’t even her own comment.

12. Teen’s murder planned on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a perfect place to find people who share the same interest as us. Apparently, including murder. 15 year-old Sofyen Belamouadden was murdered across the busy Victoria Tube Station, with hundreds of viewers watching on IRL (Facebook Live was still inexistent back then.) He was stabbed, cut, kicked and punched to death by a gang of 20 teenage sociopaths. These young murderers planned their attack using Facebook Chat.

13. Ex uses Facebook to lure woman into death trap

Many people use Facebook to reconnect with childhood friends, former classmates, long-lost relatives, and even ex-lovers. But although most reunions end up with a happy ending, it was not so for Sarah Elston. Her ex-boyfriend contacted her on Facebook to meet up. While Sarah was expecting it to be a romantic one, her ex, Daniel Garcia had other intentions. Her body was found in her home mutilated from multiple injuries after her reunion with her psycho ex.

 14. Girl puts ‘killing people’ as hobby on Facebook

We might have found odd hobbies listed on Facebook profiles, like bug collecting and obsessive stalking, but nothing would prepare you for the listed hobby of 15 year-old Alyssa; ‘cutting’ and ‘killing people.’ Unlike many teenagers who only put the most outrageous things on Facebook only to get noticed, Alyssa was serious about her hobby.

She planned the murder of her 9 year-old neighbor for months, even digging a shallow grave in advance. She then proceeded to stab Elizabeth Olten multiple times before slitting her throat. When confronted by the police, she said she ‘just wanted to know what it felt like.’

15. Woman crashed after posting Facebook status

Texting and driving is a dangerous combination, as well as driving and updating your Facebook status. Take the lesson from Courtney Ann Sanford. While driving on a highway, she updated her Facebook status with “The ‘Happy’ song makes me happy.” Ironically, it wasn’t a happy ending as she was killed in a car crash seconds after.

16. Dophin dies because of selfie

This is probably one of the horrible deaths due to plain human stupidity and obsession with social media. Two rare dolphins were pulled out of the ocean in Argentina by a mob of people. The reason? To take a selfie with them! The poor dolphins were passed around and were used as props for group selfies. One of the dolphins died all because some ignorant tourists want a bunch of likes on their Instagram.

17. Woman stabs boyfriend due to his obsession with Facebook

Who knew Facebook addiction can be deadly? It was too late for Damon Searson’s to learn that lesson. Damon had been too preoccupied with his Facebook which angered his girlfriend, Terri-Marie Palmer. Terri updated her Facebook status saying her boyfriend was pissing her off sitting on Facebook, completely blanking her when she is talking to him. Afterwards, she stabbed him with a bread knife through the heart which killed him.

18.Teen killed over Twitter comment

18 year-old Jerrold Parker wasn’t aware that one of his comments on Twitter would cost him his life. He tweeted at his soon-to-be killer Devin Leggett, saying the latter ‘couldn’t rap.’ This greatly angered Devin to the point of murdering Jerrold with multiple gunshots. This rather than blocking and reporting.

19. Teen commits suicide over Facebook bullying

Online bullying doesn’t just cause emotional pain; it can also cost someone’s life. Such is the case for Cassandra “Cessi” Porter. A bully set up a Facebook page under a false name telling Cessi terrible things and to just kill herself. Because of the online harassment, she attempted suicide twice with the last one ultimately killing her.

20. Language barrier turned murder

Language barrier often causes miscommunications. Unknown to us, it can also cause murder. Arun Rao from India posted “Hi, Shishya!” while chatting with one of his Facebook friends. Apparently, “Shishya” means disciple in his local dialect, but in another it means “camp follower.”

A few weeks after the comment, Rao was kidnapped and stabbed multiple times in his abdomen causing his untimely death.





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