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52-Year-Old Drug Addict Raped And Brutally Killed His Own Mother

A terrible story shocked the locals in Negros Oriental where a 52-year-old drug addict raped and brutally killed his 86-year-old mother.

On August 28, around 7AM the locals were shocked to find the dead body of an old lady who was covered in her own blood.

According to the initial reports, the old lady was raped and her head was smashed and it could be seen from the doorway of the house where the suspect’s feet made bloody prints down the small flight of stairs.

In the police investigation, the police identified the suspect as Roger Manaban, 52, married and a resident of the same place. The victim was identified as his own mother from the evidence collected from the crime scene. He even cut her body up to remove her internal organs and cook them. It was believed that he even cooked and ate his mother’s internal organs.

The heinous crime shook the whole town, with people expressing how someone can do such thing to their own mother.

People are still investigating the crime and what exactly had happened. Most of the people believed that the suspect must be high on drugs at the time of the incident because of the brutality with which the crime was done; however some claimed that the man was crazy.

The police has taken the suspect on custody on the appropriate charges; however, it is still unknown as of press time whether his siblings are planning on pressing charges against him as they are all still in shock over what had happened.

Photo: definitelyfilipino