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This Christmas Smoke Some Nutmeg To Get High


People have been smoking some weird shit ever since they discovered that certain plains leave a pleasant effect on the mind. I read somewhere people even smoke tea. I have never tried and don’t really recommend that anyone smokes but people have been smoking, believe it or not, nutmeg, to get that festive high for Christmas instead of a Mary Jane.

Boozy hot chocolate, mulled wine and spiked eggnog get all the credit for being iconic holiday intoxicants. But there’s an alternative way to get through those awkward family gatherings around Christmas-time — nutmeg. That’s right: the aromatic spice next to the cocoa and cinnamon at your local grocery store can get you high, even hallucinating.

Nutmeg is the seed of an evergreen tree that’s native to Indonesia, but it wasn’t used by Westerners until the 12th century, when Europeans used the stuff to end unwanted pregnancies and fight the black plague.

Not surprisingly, neither of those efforts were successful. But those Dark Age societies noticed something else about nutmeg: its ability to induce hazy, drug-like hallucinations. Nutmeg soon became popular among prisoners and peasants alike for its psychotropic properties.