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Cops Are Searching For Two Suspects Who Allegedly Raped A Women To 'Teach Her A Lesson About Dating Black Men'

Police were searching for two men who allegedly accused of violently raping a woman in Florida to ‘teach her a lesson about dating black men’.

Justin Akken Fedrick, 27, and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26 are wanted for sexually battering a woman at a Clermont home on June 22.

Both the suspects were dangerous and they are armed and have arrest warrants for their arrests, police said.

Both the suspects accused of raping the woman while another man, Rodney Cooper, 32, stood guard outside a room in a house where the woman was attacked.

The victim told the police that she was at her friends house when Cooper allegedly pushed her into a room. Still, it is unclear whether he was part of the group.

Photo: Dailymail

Justin Akeen Fedrick, 27, (left) and Keon Dellshai Gordon, 26 (right), are both seen in previous mugshots. They are on the run from law enforcement after allegedly raping a woman to ‘teach her about dating black men’ in Clermont, Florida, on June 22 

According to the authorities , they have alleged to have stood guard outside while Fedrick and Gordon violently raped her, authorities said.

According to a police report seen by The Orlando Sentinel, they launched their attack to ‘teach her a lesson about dating black men’ and threatened the ‘next time would be 10 times worse’.

The day after the incident happened Rodney Cooper , 32, was arrested and charged with kidnapping. He is accused of standing guard outside during the attack.

Photo: Dailymail

According to the police, the pair raped her and then sexually battered her and left her inside the room.

She got worried and escaped from there across backyards in the neighborhood.

She managed to reach her boyfriend through cell phone who informed the police. Police came on the spot and eventually found her.

He told authorities she was ‘bleeding and limping’.

On the charge of kidnapping Cooper was arrested and was held on a $50,000 bond the next day but police have not been able to locate the other men.

They are considered dangerous and have violent pasts.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crimeline on 800-423-8477.

Photo: Dailymail

Police found the woman on the 900 block of Disston Avenue in Clermont, Florida, (above)after she escaped from the house.





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