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Danish Man Set On Fire After Traditional Prank Goes Wrong

A bizarre footage has emerged where a Danish man being set on fire after a light-hearted tradition went horribly wrong.

The man believed to be unmarried aged 25 can be seen engulfed in flames after friends threw cinnamon on him in the bizarre coming-of-age ritual.

In Denmark as the tradition sees unmarried men (and women) covered in spices when they reach the milestone age.

The tradition was followed from the sixteenth century, where Danish spice salesmen were so caught up with work they ‘didn’t have time to date’.

The video was posted by Liveleak, the unidentified man can be seen with a dust mask on and hands tied behind his back as his mischievous companions gather for the peculiar right-of-passage.

The unnnamed Danish man (pictured) waiting patiently for the coming-of-age ritual, before being accidentally set on fire by friends

He is covered in cinnamon by two male friends as he reached his 25th birthday and was still single

Firstly, his friends splashed him with water before the spices are thrown on him. Few seconds later he is engulfed  into a ball of flames, before falling to the floor in agony.

‘Because he had a dust mask on and his friends poured water on him first, he was mostly unharmed, he only suffered from minor burns on his legs.’

Just seconds later he is covered in flames after the prank goes horribly wrong

‘Normally you just cover the victim in cinnamon, it’s not part of the tradition to accidentally light your friend on fire.’, the poster on Liveleak said.

It is thought the dust cloud around the victim ignited.

He falls to the floor in agony, but luckily escaped with just ‘minor injuries on his legs’

Photo: Dailymail




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