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Daughter Wants Her Dad To Commit Suicide For Insurance Claim

It’s really sick to hear when a person kills his own flesh and blood for money, which has happened in real life. This disturbing photo shows a daughter pushing her father to his death.

People in a subway in China thought this man was committing suicide deliberately.

People kill their family members to get their life insurance money, as they think it’s a good way to pay off debts or acquire an instant fortune. This daughter allegedly asked her father to commit suicide in a Chinese railway for insurance claims.

The moment has been captured in a video, which shows a man standing in a railway, seemingly waiting for the train to run into him. Concerned onlookers pulled out the suicidal, old man from the tracks when a woman furiously stopped them as she kicked the elder back to the railway line.

Apparently, his daughter asked her to end his life so she can claim his life insurance proceeds.

Then the guards who were on duty stopped the woman from pushing the man back to the train tracks. Shockingly, the woman is the old man’s daughter and later, it was revealed by news outlets that she demanded her dad to kill himself so she can collect insurance proceeds.

People helped the man out of the tracks so this woman kept kicking her dad back to the railway.

The old man was escorted to sit on the stairways, but his daughter still had the audacity to argue with the people who called out on her desperate actions. His daughter insisted insisted to get closer to her dad, but the guards blocked her as she cannot calm herself and continued to challenge everyone who tried to stop her.

Watch the video of the woman pushing her dad on the railway line below:

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