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Horrifying Moment A Spider Crawls Out Of A Woman’s Ear

This spider video is not for the faint-heat.

A woman went to a hospital complaining about a headache, which is quite normal. But when the doctors examined her ear they found something horrific living inside my ear’.

The video footage shows a hairy white spider crawled out of her ear.

Look at him emerging from his mini craving trip.

The Indian Express reported that the woman, has been identified as Lekshmi L, who was rushed to hospital in Karnataka, India after experiencing headaches following a sleep on her veranda.

The doctor, Santosh Shivaswamy, who reportedly treated the woman, told the paper it was fairly common to have people seeking medical attention because of a foreign object in their ear, but “it’s rare to see a live spider moving inside someone’s ear canal.”

Watch the video here:





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