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Investigation Leads To The Uncovering Of $20 Million Cash Under A Mattress

I am sure we all want to see at least half of $20 million under our mattress which can turn around so many things. It might sound like a cooked up story for a movie, but no, it is a real story that unearthed in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Officers who were investigating a case relating to $3 billion pyramiding scheme were shocked to see $20 million hard cash under a mattress in an apartment. It is believed to be a case of money laundering that have operated under the guise of an internet phone firm called TelexFree.

The money was perfectly packed in a bed frame until the police discovered it. Cleber Rizerio Rocha, a 28-year-old Brazilian man was arrested by the police following the raid. According to reports, Rocha landed in US to meet a witness against the pyramid scheme.

The witness gave Rocha $2.2 million and it is yet to be known whether the money under the mattress included this money.

If Rocha is proven to be guilty then he could be jailed up to 20 years on money laundering charges. James Merril, one of the founding members of the company has already pleaded guilty to fraud charges filed against him. Another founding member, Carlos Wanzeler has absconded from prison and is currently in Brazil.






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