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Meet 7-Year-Old The World’s Youngest Serial Killer

Whenever we hear the words “serial killer” we get scared. The word makes us think of evil men who do unspeakable things to their victims. Even in the movies and TV shows this image has been reinforced. It’s almost always grown men who are portrayed as serial murderers.

That’s the reason why people are shocked when they find out that the world’s youngest known serial killer is a boy from India named Amarjeet Sada (a few reports cite his name as “Amardeep Sada”). In pictures, Amarjeet looks just like any other kid. He was actually evil incarnate.

The quiet village was disrupted by the grisly crime.

Amarjeet has been taken into custody by police after he killed a six-month-old baby girl. When the police arrested him, he was just eight years old. The baby, who was named Kushboo, was the child of a neighbor in the village of Musahari, Bhagwanpur in Begusarai, which is one of the 83 districts of the Indian state of Bihar.

The baby’s mother left her child at the village primary school as she had to do some chores, which also served as a child care center for the mothers in the area. Amarjeet, who was also at the primary school, happened to see the baby sleeping. While people at the school were busy with the other kids, Amarjeet decided to take the baby to a nearby field.

Amarjeet Sada didn’t break a sweat when police came.

Later, Amarjeet said that he took the baby to the field because he knew nobody would hear her cries there. Then, without any reason, Amarjeet took a brick and hit the baby with it until she died. He then tried to hide her body by covering it with some leaves.

Meanwhile, back at the school, the baby’s mother panicked and asked her relatives to help look for her child. Upon knowing that Amarjeet had also been at the school, the baby’s family immediately tagged him as a suspect.

Amarjeet could look innocent when he wanted to.

When the police arrived at the scene, the baby’s family told them to find Amarjeet. When police confronted Amarjeet, he readily admitted to his crime. People were stunned because he showed no emotion. Later, in fact, a policeman told reporters, “Amarjeet just smiled and asked for biscuits.”

Then again, police were even more shocked later on. People told them that the baby was actually Amarjeet’s third victim.

In a year before, Amarjeet’s killer instinct kicked when he killed their neighbor’s baby. His first victim was actually his six-month-old cousin, who was the daughter of his maternal uncle. In order to protect Amarjeet, the family didn’t report the matter to the police. The family thought what he did was just an accident. However, Amarjeet went on to kill his second victim, his very own eight-month-old sister.

The little serial killer has allegedly changed his name to Samarjit.

Later, the authorities determined that Amarjeet was suffering from a psychological disorder. A psychoanalyst named Shamshad Hussain even said that the boy was clearly a “developing sadist.”

Because of his age, Amarjeet was sent off to be detained in a juvenile facility until he turned 18. On his current whereabouts, still there are no recent updated reports. According to the website, The Post-Mortem Post, they were contacted by Amarjeet himself. At that time, the boy was supposedly already in his teens. Amarjeet claimed that he was living in a children’s home.

Hopefully, Amarjeet will continue to be detained in a mental health facility after his stint at the children’s home. Otherwise, there’s no telling what he will do next.






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