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Mobile Thief Stripped Naked By Angry Mob In Mexico

A mobile phone thief has been stripped naked and dragged him through the streets in a public shaming.

The culprit was accused of snatching the child’s handset in the Mexican city of Heroica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco. Then the furious mob humiliated and attacked him.

Shocking footage shows an alleged mobile phone thief being dragged through the streets naked by an angry mob

A rope was tied around the man’s neck and he was publicly humiliated in front of hundreds of onlookers

The horrific footage shows how the shop workers and street vendors dragged him through the downtown area with a rope around his neck.

The culprit was taken to the main square and displayed in front of hundreds of onlookers.

As per the local media reports, the 24-year-old man identified as Luis Hernandez Dominguez, who is captured cowering on the floor and holding his mouth and head after being reportedly beaten.

People in the background can be heard shouting “let him stand up” but he stays down.

Televisa.News reported that even the mother of the alleged victim hit the suspect with a belt and shouted insults.

The mob were furious because residents and workers are said to be frustrated with an increase in robberies in the city, which is known as Paris Chiquito (Little Paris).

Naked and battered, the man is shown curled up in a ball on the floor clutching his mouth

The mob took matters into their own hands in the Mexican city of Heroica Ciudad de Tlaxiaco after an increase in robberies

NVI Noticias, Mexican news site reported that the crowd wanted the thief to be burnt alive, who was hiding in a house before being cornered by the mob.

It took four hours for the cops to persuade the mob leaders to hand the man over to their custody.

When the officers tried to calm down the situation a police patrol car was reportedly attacked.

The culprit, Hernandez was taken to a police station and charged with robbery.

In Mexico the footage of the shaming has gone viral was posted last Wednesday (August 16).

Photo: The Sun




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