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Mom Falls in Love and Gets Impregnated by Man She Set-up for Her Daughter—Unbelievable!

A 49-year-old mother from Jiangsu, China wanted to set her 21-year-old daughter up for a blind date with a man she believes her daughter totally deserves.

Then she found a perfect match and introduced her to a 29-year-old businessman, and even went along with them on their date to make sure everything works out. Unfortunately, they didn’t ‘click’ and went they own ways after the date.

However, one day when the daughter checked her mom’s phone she found out that she had a man whom she always messaged. On a little more research she realised that it was the same man who was introduced to her on a blind date.

Further she found out that her mom was 4 months pregnant with the man.

“You can choose anybody else and I would accept that man, but I cannot accept this man to be my stepfather. How can I accept one of my previous blind dates to be my stepfather? If you want my blessing, then I’ll take my own life to give you my blessing,” the daughter allegedly told her mom.

According to the mom, she had no idea things would turn out the way it is now as she is way older than the businessman. The man also felt the same way towards the girl’s mom saying that he preferred older women anyway. He even said, “This woman is the one that I have been searching for.”







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