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Mysterious Blister Has The Girl Rushing To The ER With ‘Absolutely Unbelievable’ Pain

People usually tend to avoid a visit to the doctor due to the fear of it, but Carelle Mowatt’s opinion about scheduling a visit with the doctor has changed after suffering from a bump on her leg. What she thought was a blister turned out to be a venomous spider bite leaving her with ‘absolutely unbelievable’ levels of pain and a literal hole in her leg.

She recalls informing her mother, “Mum, I’ve got a lump on my leg and I feel a bit sick,” but she was still reluctant to go to the doctor.

Instead of consulting a doctor, she relied instead on Google and concluded she had ringworm or some sort of allergic reaction and took antihistamines. Meanwhile, the blister continued to grow.

Eventually the blister burst dramatically at her boyfriend’s parents house. She then pulled up the courage to consult a doctor who identified the blister as a spider bite which had become infected.

She writes, “The pain was absolutely unbelievable and the antibiotics made me feel so sick. I spent the next couple of days in bed with nausea and went to see another Doctor that changed my antibiotics and a nurse started re-dressing my leg every few days. As soon as the air would touch my bite, tears would stream down my face. I became very nervous about anyone going near my leg and the pain was getting worse. I wasn’t sleeping, as I associated my bed with the location in which I got bitten by the spider.”

The bite though, wasn’t healing and had become a hole in her leg. It required surgeons to remove the necrotic tissue which prevented the healing process. Mowatt recalls, “The pain was unbearable, I had five people in the room pinning me down on the bed but, unfortunately, the necrotic tissue was firmly glued to my leg.”

The pain she experienced was excruciating. 

Mowatt advises everyone to consult the doctor immediately if they suffer from any mysterious alien-like blisters and not leave it too late like she did.