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Netizen And His Friends Bar Adventure Turned Into A Nightmare When VIP Brats Caused A Scene At A Bar!

In a bizarre incident one of the netizen’s and his friends bar adventure turned into a nightmare landing them into hospital after some rich VIP brats caused a violent scene.

The netizen took her story to Facebook in which she mentioned about her nightmare. She posted that he and his friends were at The Sentral, a hip-hop bar located in Cebu City, on the evening of July 8th. She also revealed that “elite” high profile guests were located at the VIP section of the bar.

Netizen called those VIP guests “brats” as they were shouting, created a scene started throwing glass items in the area where she and her friends were at.

When all this things are happening one of the netizen’s friends who was hiding under the alias “Pia,” was hit in the head with some glass which required 3 inch stitches to close. With the help of cloth and their hands Pia’s friends tried to stop the bleeding but their efforts were in vain. When the bleeding didn’t stopped they rushed her to the hospital.

They asked help from the managers and the bouncers and even tried to contact the guilty part. But, instead of helping them the bar staff helped the high-profile brats escape.

Even the manager didn’t come out to see them. The VIP brats went to speak with the netizen and his friends – offering to pay for the damages. Afterwards, they ran to their cars and fled the scene without paying a single solitary cent.

Check out the pictures of the aftermath of this awful incident here:

Photo: tnp




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