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Stay Away From These Attractive Things On The Beaches Of Devon, They Are Actually Pretty Dangerous

The attractive things you see on the beaches of Devon are one of the most dangerous ocean creatures in the world.

A Portuguese Man O’ War (sometimes incorrectly labelled as a jellyfish) was spotted by the Dartmouth harbourmaster in the River Dart.

Even swimmers have informed seeing them at Blackpool Sands beach and in other spots around Cornwall and Devon’s south coast.

It is reported that nearly 500 of these deadly creatures are expected to be seen on the shores of Britain.

However, a few of them are actually excited with the news as they get to see something new.

Dr Peter Richardson from the Marine Conservation Society tweeted: ‘Wow! Haven’t seen anything like this in 15yrs of the MCSUK National Jellyfish Survey – PHENOMENAL.’

The tentacles of a Man O’ are very painful and in extreme cases it has resulted in a heart attack and immense pain to swimmers and surfers.

The strong westerly winds are driving them towards Britain. Technically they aren’t actually jellyfish, but rather hydrozoans, and they can even sting for a short while after they are dead, so make sure you don’t touch them if you see any on the beach.






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