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Taiwan Wife Accidentally Bit Off Husband’s Testicle

A Taiwanese man was reportedly rushed to hospital on Boxing Day after his wife accidentally chewed off one of his testicles during an aggressive lovemaking session.

The paramedics arrived quickly at the couple’s home, and they apparently saw the 51-year-old man, surnamed Wang, wearing a robe and holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl while the wife repeatedly explained: ‘I accidentally bit it off!’

Taiwan news website Apple Daily reported that the mans’ right ball had been ripped off by his wife surnamed Hsieh, 49.

An image circulating in Taiwan media apparently shows the man being taken to an ambulance

At around 2 am, Hsieh called an ambulance to the home on December 26.

According to Apple Daily Wang works at a car repair shop. He and Hsieh have married for many years and have two children.

According to the paramedics the panicking couple were waiting for them at the entrance of their flat in Taichung City in West Taiwan.

Wang was taken to Tungs’ Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital where he was treated by Lu Li-hua, the supervisor of ER.

Lu said the patient’s scrotum was sutured, but his right testicle was not reattached for fear of an infection.

Reports claim his wife had bit off his right off during an aggressive lovemaking session

Lu Li-hua, a doctor, said the patient’s testicle was not reattached for fear of an infection

‘We were concerned that he would not be able to regain proper function of his testicle, which could lead to male infertility in the future,’ Doctor Li explained.

The doctor also said he would need to run additional examination to see if the incident would effect Wang’s fertility.

Wang was still recovering at the facility at the time of writing.

Reports said Hsieh suffered from a mental illness and that she bit off her hubby’s testicle in a ‘surge of excitement’.






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