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Two Dutch Students Are Latest To Auction Their Virginity

Around the world in many countries poverty is pushing many people to sell whatever they can just to pay debts and make ends meet. Unfortunately, many women even auction and sell their bodies for money, and we cannot blame them. Sometimes, life treat you so hard that people are willing to do anything to get out of debt.

A site named “Cinderella Escorts” has become popular with young and old customers who buy women’s ‘virginity’ online. The escort agency is run from the bedroom of 26-year-old Jan Zakobielski in his parent’s home in Dortmund, Germany. Men who want to have $ex with the escorts on the site have put down a 40 percent deposit by transferring the funds to Cinderella’s bank account prior to a meeting. The remaining money is paid in cash to the women at the point of sale of $ex.

Two young Dutch women were desperate to get out of their family’s debt and increasing financial problems, put their virginity up for auction through German escort site. 18-year-old Lola and 20-year-old Monica each want a minimum bid of 20 thousand British pounds (around 27 thousand euros) for their virginity.

“I want to live without financial worries”, Lola said on Cinderella Escorts. “I will use the money to help my family out of debt. Many people will disapprove of my decision, but how many people stay with the person who took their virginity for the rest of their lives? Not many at all. Then I prefer to do it this way. At least my feelings won’t get hurt.”

“I still haven’t found anyone I find worthy enough to lose my virginity to”, Monica said on the site. “Plus going to university is not cheap, so I want to pay my studies in this way. We live in a society and time in which we can decide for ourselves what we do with our bodies. It’s important that I feel I am the boss of my body. This is the best option for me, it will also secure my future.”

Before the deed can be done, the young women must first get a doctor’s certificate stating that they’re still virgins.






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