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Woman, 20, Underwent Surgery To Remove S*x-Toy From Her Bottom

A young woman, Emily Geotgia, 20, from East Preston, had surgically removed a four-inch sex toy from her bottom after it almost ending her colostomy bag surgery.

She was enjoying a sex session with her male partner when the sex toy ended up lost inside her.

In excitement her partner pushed it hard up her bottom and the stainless steel ‘plug’ promptly disappeared.

They tried manually to remove it but all the attempts are failed. She said that her one-night stand suggested leaving it to ‘naturally work its way out’ and then left, claiming he had work early the following morning.

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

Photo: Dailymail

When one of her concerned friend came to know about it she immediately rushed her to Worthing Hospital. When the doctors examined her they warned Emily that there was a risk of it perforating her bowel due to its sharp jewel-encrusted edge and she faced an hour-long surgery.

A wince-inducing x-ray shows just how dangerously high in Emily’s bowel the sex toy ventured.

Emily from East Preston, West Sussex, said: ‘We were having a naughty night-in last March and decided to use the toy – I’d never used one before.

‘I think he got too excited and managed to push the end of it in too. It was a goner.





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