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Woman Driver Is Snapped Performing A Sex Act On A Male Passenger

A woman driver was caught on a speed camera while performing a sexual act on her male passenger.

The footage was caught on the B10 provincial road in Burgenland, Austria’s smallest state which borders Hungary.

The woman driver was reportedly heading towards the town of Schwadorf at such high speed that her car triggered the radar trap.

Love in the fast lane: The picture shows a blonde woman behind the wheel performing a sex act on her male passenger while driving through Burgenland, Austria

By looking at the picture you can know the reason why the woman might have been in a hurry to get home.

The woman driver, dressed in a red jacket and a white top, is seen driving the car with just one hand.

In the photo, you can see that she looked up into the speed camera with the other hand occupied elsewhere.

The image was posted on a police social media page, and unsurprisingly went viral in Austria.

But, several media outlets have questioned the authenticity of the picture, as Austrian speed camera photos are always black and white.

The picture does not contain any data imprint about how fast the car was going and the date of the traffic violation.

It is also not clear why a police social media page would not make an attempt to protect the woman’s identity by covering her face.

Photo: Dailymail





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