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Woman Who Posed With 20,000 Bees For Maternity Shoot Loses Baby Son

People come up with their own creativity during their maternity shoots.

One woman, however, really dared to decide something outside the box. She decided to take her love for bees to a whole new level. It’s weird, but she decided to pose with a hive full of bees during a maternity photo shoot. The woman is from Ohio and she’s a beekeeper.

Unfortunately, the woman has lost her child. Emily Mueller took to her Facebook page on Sunday and described her family’s grief over losing the baby.

The woman wrote, “It is with the most deepening sadness I share that our sweet Emersyn Jacob was born an angel yesterday at 10:18 p.m. He weighed 7lb 1oz and was 20.25in long. Please pray for us today and the days to come”.

The photo of Mueller covered in a swarm of about 20,000 bees went viral on the internet. The Kansas City Star reported that Mueller took a ton of precaution prior to her photo shoot.

The expecting mother wanted to make sure that everything was safe and her baby would be safe. Before she went through with the shoot. she consulted her doctor about her unborn baby’s safety.

During the photo shoot, she made sure that the bees weren’t hungry so that they would have less energy, and less likely to sting her during the photo shoot.

The expecting mother asked her friend, Kendrah Damis, to take the photos for her. Damis is a professional photographer but has had no previous experience shooting bees. But Mueller and her husband, Ryan, own the Mueller Honey Bee company.

The couple also remove hives for homeowners and businesses. She told her local news that bees have been meaningful to her since her dad first gave her a hive when she was a little girl as a gift.

She told a parenting blog that she started to keep bees after she suffered two miscarriages. She told BabyCenter, “during a time I needed something else to focus on emotionally”. On her Facebook page Mueller said that she was busy preparing for an event and wasn’t paying attention to her unborn child’s movements.

Eventually, she realized that she didn’t feel her baby move and felt “contractions that felt different than any I had before”. The next morning, she went to see her doctor and he told her “your baby has passed”. Mueller said that the worst part of it all was giving birth to a lifeless baby.





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