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Women Reveals Injuries She Got From Bare-Knuckle Boxer Boyfriend While Her Children Sleeping In The Next Room

Sarah Wheatley, has shared images of the horrific injuries she sustained when her bare-knuckle boxer boyfriend beaten her up, while her daughters sleeping in the next room.

The mother-of two was left with severe bruising and a broken nose after Russell Mason knocked her unconscious at a Birmingham hotel last month.

Birmingham Crown Court, sentenced Mason, 35, to 20 months in prison for criminal damage and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Ms Wheatley had previously testified that she was left a “comatose” by Mason, who had been drinking vodka all evening.

“After the girls were asleep I went to the shop to get a bottle of wine for myself,” she said. “When I got back I went and sat in the bathroom – rather than turn the bedroom light on while the girls were sleeping – and talked to some friends on  Facebook.

“All I remember is he appeared at the door and said ‘who the f*** are you speaking to?’ and I said I’m on Facebook, after that I don’t remember anything else.”

Sarah Wheatley, 37, has bravely spoken about her ordeal

She added: “I woke up and tried to get back up but I couldn’t, he must have knocked me unconscious again. I remember waking up and touching my nose and seeing blood on my fingers.

“He had dragged me from the bathroom into the bedroom and continued to beat me. When I came around he was asleep so I went to get help from hotel staff. I hardly even remember making it downstairs.”

The police arrested Mason from Coventry while Ms Wheatley was taken to hospital.

Danielle, her sister, posted the pictures on Facebook show Ms Wheatley with two black eyes and dark purple and yellow bruising over most of her face.

Russell Mason inflicted horrific bruises on Sarah Wheatley

Russell Mason and Sarah Wheatley were together for just 12 weeks before the assault

“My face swelled up like a balloon,” Ms Wheatley said. “He could have killed me. He broke my nose, the hospital thought I had a bleed on the brain and I couldn’t even walk for a week.

“The only part of my face that wasn’t bruised was my mouth. It was horrific.”

The couple had only been in a relationship for 12 weeks, said she was disappointed that Mason had only been sentenced to 20 weeks in prison.

Calling it a “joke”, she said: “They wonder why people don’t come forward – it just seems like there’s no justice,” she said. The 37-year-old hopes the photos will raise awareness of domestic violence.

She added that she wants to appeal the sentence.

“I think it’s a bit of a joke to be honest,” she said. “I can’t believe that even though he’s got previous he only got 20 months. He’ll be out in half that time. Domestic violence is taken seriously by the police more and more now, but at court they don’t get the sentencing they should.”

“Clare’s Law” is introduced in 2008, which allows potential victims to find out if their partner has any previous convictions cautions, reprimands or final warnings for any offence of violence.

The law was named after Clare Wood, who was murdered in Manchester eight years ago by a partner she was unaware had a criminal record for domestic abuse.






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