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This Brave Woman With Lymphoedema Goes Public With Her Condition, Hats Off To Her Confidence!

Growing up has its own challenges but growing up with a medical condition is hard. Meagan Barnard developed lymphoedema, this is a medical condition that causes fluid retention and tissue swelling. Bernard had up to five pints of excessive fluid in her right leg, she was constantly bullied in school and she had been given some disturbing nicknames like ‘Michelin Man.’

Barnard grew up in humiliation and she refused to wear clothes that revealed her leg. She was embarrassed to show her leg to anyone and she lived in the fear of being ridiculed.

When she was at the age of 24, her right leg swelled up to twice the size of her actual leg.

She did everything she could to hide her leg, she even hid it from her boyfriend. Even after dating for a while, he had no idea. Thanks to “lots of closed doors, lots of lights off” that he didn’t notice anything. There also came a point in her life where she left a suicide note to her father because she couldn’t take it any longer.

But, this year something changed, this brave woman decided to post a picture of her legs revealed on the social media. She did a professional photo shoot and posed like there was nothing wrong. You go girl!

It was only then that her boyfriend saw her right leg and realized the amount of shame and humiliation she had been through all these years.

Since then, Barnard has been on a mission to become a model and become an inspiration to the other girls who suffer in silence rather than accepting themselves for what they are! It sure does take a lot to be brave, but in the end you guys are the real heroes!




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