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Would-Be Thieves Can’t Muster Strong Enough Kick

Cafe owners have released CCTV footage of the moment unfortunate thieves smashed their way in through a glass door, only to leave empty-handed a couple of minutes later. The clumsy thieves soon discovered that...


18 Tragically Hilarious Construction Fails

If you something perfect, then do it yourself. Although anyone who has tried their hand at a little DIY quickly gains a whole new respect for professionals, especially if you end up calling on...


20 Terrifyingly Amazing Face Swaps

One of the most used and widely known software is photoshop or any other picture editing application in the world. Literally, these editing applications do wonders with any kind of pictures. And we being...


12 Pictures That Never Stop Being Funny

While browsing the web we come across some pictures that make us laugh at every single time we see them. Despite how cranky a day is, some images will never become boring. 12 pictures...