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15 Famous Hollywood Actors Who’ve Done Adult Films

There is a close connection between Hollywood movies and adult films. The reason is simple, watch an intimate scene in the film, and you’ll realize that it is not less than an adult film. There are a lot of places like TV Shows and leaked $ex tapes where hackers have leaked the private and intimate videos of celebrities which are not any less than an adult film.

The bottom line is, be it the stars from adult films or mainstream celebrities, they both aim to entertain the audience.

#1 Sibel Kekilli

When Sibel was in Germany, she was a very famous porn star and won some prestigious awards in the industry. However, she came out of that pit hole (at least for her fans) to make her career in Hollywood, and currently, she is playing the role of Shae in the famous TV series, Game of Thrones.

#2 Kim Kardashian

Before starting her career, Kim was employed at Paris Hilton, and Paris introduced her to Ray-J who intentionally or unintentionally turned Kim into an overnight celebrity as their private moments spent in a hotel room were leaked as ‘adult film’ on the internet in an online world (not less than any adult film).

#3 Matt Le Blanc

Matt Le Blanc or most of you may know him as Joey from famous television sitcom FRIENDS started his career with soft porn television series The Red Shoe Diaries.

#4 David Duchovny

Just like Matt Le Blanc, David started his career with the same soft porn television series, The Red Shoe Diaries. Later in his career, the actor starred in cult films like Californication, and then X-flies happened.

#5 Sasha Grey

Before she hit gold in Hollywood, Sasha was a famous porn star back in 2006-2011. Surprisingly, all of her videos are available online. Today, she is one of the in-demand Hollywood actress, model, author, and musician.

#6 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has done everything which is possible under the Sun to become what he is today, and for that, he has even worked on projects which we can’t even imagine. The actor has appeared in a 1975 Chinese porn film called ‘All in the Family.’

#7 Cameron Diaz

Cameron was only 19 years old when she started her career with legit ‘soft-porn-types’ videos. She is not very proud of her porn career and says that the copyright holders demanded 3.5 million from Diaz. Her career took a major turn when she starred opposite Jim Carrey’s The Mask, My Best Friend’s Wedding and finally Charlie’s Angels.

#8 Sylvester Stallone

Before Rocky, Stallone had to struggle for many years and to survive in the showbiz city; he had to work in adult films like The Party at Kity and Studs.

#9 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Before Schwarzenegger blew up the screen with James Cameron’s sci-fi Terminator, he had already posed for pornographic magazines as cover boy. Though, he has never done such films in his life.

#10 Sunny Leone

Who doesn’t know this lady? Sunny Leone is one of the most famous Bollywood divas, and she has gained more popularity in recent times with her item songs in mainstream Bollywood films. However, it’s a world known fact that she was a porn star.

#11 Marilyn Monroe

Though she wasn’t a porn star, the actress did pose nude for various photo-shoots. She was a $ex symbol and every husband, father, son, and brother wished for her.

#12 Riley Steele

Riley’s career began with epic Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, which was a sequel to Pirates. Later she moved to Hollywood and had appeared in films like Piranha for HBO.

#13 Jenna Jameson

She is one of the biggest porn stars in the industry and is greeted with the title of ‘Queen of Porn.’ Later she moved to mainstream films and also worked as the voice-over artist.

#14 Traci Lords

Traci’s adult films’ career began at the age of 16, and she has over 100 porn films to her credit. A few years ago, she made a choice and then appeared in several movies and television shows.

#15 Shu Qi

Her first Hollywood films were The Transporter in which Shu Qi starred alongside Jason Statham. But before this could happen, Shu was a softcore adult film star. She is one of the highest paid actresses in China.





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