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15 Of Your Favourite Actors Then And Now

 Actors go through evolution of their own when they change their looks and take up different style. While some have had a steady career, many have not be so fortunate. But that doesn’t stop us from remembering them.

#15 Tom Selleck

Must say Magnum from Magnum, P.I. has changed so much over these years! But, I have seen him on Friends too, and he looked pretty much the same as he does now!

#14 Tom Welling

Remember Tom? He has performed the role of Clark Kent in Smallville!

#13 Allison Mack

She played the role of Chloe Sullivan in Smallville with utmost perfect!

#12 Michael Rosenbaum

Whoa! Remember him playing Lex Luthor in Smallville?

#11 Kristin Kreuk

She played the role of Lana Lang in Smallville long back. And she looks equally stunning even till today!

#10 Vanessa Angel

Everyone is ought to remember Lisa from Weird Science!

#9 Mia Talerico

Omg, this cutie starred as Charlie in Good Luck Charlie. And she is growing to be all the more adorable!

#8 Maggie Wheeler

I’m sure no one can forget Janice from Friends. She looks so adorable here!

#7 Nate Richert

He used to be Harvey in Sabrina the Teenage Witch

#6 Drew Fuller

Remember this hottie who played Chris in Charmed


#5 Angus T. Jones

Who can forget Jake from Two and a Half Men? He has changed so much over these years, ain’t he?

#4 Camila Bordonaba

Remember the character Marizza in Rebelde Way?

#3 Benjamín Rojas

He starred as Pablo in Rebelde Way

#2 Luisana Lopilato

Remember Mía from Rebelde Way?

#1 Tobias Moretti

He used to star as Richard Moser, Inspector Rex







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