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15 Male Celebrities’ Amazing Body Transformations

Hollywood is always about doing the sickest as well as the sexiest thing. We all drool over hot celebrities, their hot bodies but their transformations are very impressive. Some of these celebrities may make you feel jealous while you can take others as an inspiration for yourself. These body transformations of your favorite celebs will make you wonder how much hard work these celebrities have to put in.

Here is our list of The 15 Sickest and Sexiest Celebrity Body Transformations In Hollywood.

1. Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is known for his buff and healthy body but to play his role of a man afflicted with AIDS in Dallas Buyers Club and he decimated his weight.

2. Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt lost around 60 pounds for the role of Guardians of the Galaxy and in six months. He did this without beer. That’s impressive.

3. 50 Cent

Generally keeping a ripped physique always, 50 Cent lost around 50 pounds to play the role of a football to fall for cancer. He ran for 5 hours a day and survived only on liquid diet.

4. Charlize Theron

This blonde woman gained about 30 pounds to play the role of a prostitute who gets involved in a serial killing. Her body transformation is incredible and so was her performance.

5. Christian Bale

The Machinist had Christian Bale lose about one-third of his weight. He dropped about forty pounds. He ate only tuna and apple for the time being.

6. Tom Hardy

Tom ate like a monster and weight lifting too much for the sake of increasing his body massage for the role of Charles Bronson, a notorious brawler, and British prisoner. And all his happened in five weeks.

7. Jared Leto

Someone who kept ripped body, like Jared Leto, it’s hard for him to gain 70 pounds. He did this to play his role of a mentally ill killer in Chapter 27.

8. Nathalie Portman

We understand that she is already tiny, but guess what, she lost another 20 pounds, to play the role of her neurotic character, in the movie Black Swan.

9. Matt Damon

Damon lost 40 pounds with a hoop to play a drug addict in the movie Courage Under Fire.

10. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a hot mess. He gained about 30 pounds to play the role, in the movie “Blade Trinity”.

11. Renee Zellweger

She gained around 30 pounds to be the voluptuous woman she was a Bridget Jones. But she doesn’t recommend overeating to anyone.

12. Robert DeNiro

For Raging Bull, Robert trimmed down 60 pounds of weight and gained amazing muscle for the ripped body. He’s a legend.

13. Hugh Jackman

It’s hard to believe those two men being the same. Hugh Jackman made amazing abs for his role in the movie X Men as Wolverine.

14. Gerald Butler

He got that bad reputation for his drinking and smoking habits. But he is a real king, ripped, King Leonidas in 300.

15. Chris Hemsworth

This man appears no less than a God. His efforts of gaining muscle for his Marvel’s Series, Thor, are visible in the photo attached.






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