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15 Unusual Behind The Scenes Images Of Actors

We all have our favorite movies that will always stay with us. Similarly, we also have one or more character that we are fond of! But did you ever thought that what is the reality behind the scenes or how do your favorite actors get along in real life? So, today we are here with the most unusual pictures showing your actors behind the scenes.

It will be a really different experience for you to see the reel enemy characters getting happily along in their real life.

1. The secret story session of your loving actors Voldemort and Dumbledore.

2. This is how The MGM Lion got Film.

3. “Back to the Future”, and a smaller DeLorean.

4. Those deep looks of Jim Henson and Kermit.

5. Sorry to disappoint you but this is how the “Life of Pi” happened.

6. The unusual image of Rose and Jack. Yes, this is how you loving actors chill behind the scenes.

7. The monster just wants coffee and snacks off filming.

8. And here is Bobba Fett taking down his mask behind the scenes.

9. This one is from the of “Spartacus”.

10. Connecting under the umbrella in “The Temple of Doom”.

11. One of the most inspirational actors! This lady is a role model not only in reel life but in real life too. She did not give up shooting even while undergoing chemotherapy.

12. Lol! Best friends from the set of “The Empire Strikes Again”.

13. Here is a visual effects artist from Jurassic Park.

14. All your favorite actors from “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”!

15. Leonardo di Caprio, behind the scenes!






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