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Celebrities Who Turned Monstrous Over The Years! #6 Will Break Your Heart!

Everyone out there wants to look beautiful. It is a requirement for the celebrities. Gaining beauty naturally is perhaps the best way. But there are celebrities who prefer shortcuts in the form of plastic surgeries or some don’t bother at all! Today we will take to closer to a few celebrities who turned into a monster over the years!

These celebrities would surely motivate you to take proper care of yourselves!

Take a look:

#1 Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson’s diva lifestyle could not work out well with her skin!

#2 Axl Rose

Axl Rose is one of the well-performing celebrities and he makes more than $2.5 million just by albums. He was a super stud initially but has stopped investing in his health now.

#3 Melanie Griffith

A few cosmetic procedures didn’t go well with Melanie Griffith. She recently confessed that she gets many bad reactions for her looks.

#4 Macaulay Culkin

His lifestyle does not seem appropriate at all.

#5 Ozzy Osbourne

Though Ozzy Osbourne looks different, we feel his looks totally fit his lifestyle and personality.

#6 Jocelyn Wildenstein

After spending over US$4,000,000 on several cosmetic surgeries Jocelyn Wildenstein ended up getting addicted to plastic surgery. She caught her husband sharing bed with a 21-year-old Russian model. The event hit her mentally and in order to win back her husband, she ended up looking like a monster.

#7 Nick Nolte

In the years of 1980s, Nick Nolte was considered among hot celebrities. Look what time has done to him!

#8 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson probably went through every change possible. We really hope she gets back to a healthy life.

#9 Matthew Perry

Though Matthew Perry looks exhausted and tired, there is a lot of hope that he would get back to Chandler Bing happiness!

#10 Lindsay Lohan

The scandalous life of Lindsay Lohan totally reflects on her health and skin. We hope she recovers soon!

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